Kitchen Revelry, Ali Larter

St. Martin's Press

Want to party like Ali Larter?

Or, more specifically, throw a dinner party like her?

The blond beauty is revealing her tips for hosting a great get-together and whipping up  tasty treats in her new book Kitchen Revelry: A Year of Festive Menus From My Home to Yours.

And just as the title promises, the recipes do indeed come from the Larter lair. In fact, she's finally parting ways with her once closely guarded buttermilk ranch recipe.

"It's pretty incredible, my friends are always trying to get that recipe," Larter told People magazine. 

But for those who might be intimidated by the thought of making homemade anything, Larter promises she offers simple suggestions that any busy gal can tackle in the kitchen.

"I wish I had [this] when I was 25," she said. "I threw some really horrible dinner parties when I was younger because I put so much stress and pressure on myself to make things perfect. What I've really learned is that no one really cares if things taste perfect. All they care about is a having a great time and being together with friends and being invited into your home."

We'll toast to that!

And if you can't wait until the book debuts in September, Larter—who also can't wait!—is already sharing tips on her new blog.

"So I started a blog," she recently tweeted. "Cooking, entertaining, fun, LIFE #Kitchenrevelry Can't wait to hear what you think." 

Well, what do you think? Are you excited for Ali's new book?

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