Justin Bieber's Latest Monkey Business: Animal Shelter Wants Singer to Pay Up for Caring for Mally

Munich animal shelter looking after Capuchin demands teen idol reimburse it after he abandoned the animal

By Josh Grossberg, Senta Scarborough May 17, 2013 3:00 PMTags
Justin Bieber, Mally, MonkeyCourtesy of Stefan Heinrich; Sharkpixs/ZUMAPRESS.com

Justin Bieber will have to pony up—and apparently soon—if he wants Mally back.

After his 14-week-old pet monkey was seized by German customs officials in Munich and quarantined in March, E! News has now learned the animal shelter that's housing the Capuchin is requesting the singer pay for the two months of care it's provided.

Roberta Mioni Coltro, spokeswoman for the Munich Shelter where Mally is being looked after, could not say exactly how much Bieber owed exactly, though published reports estimate the amount could be as much as several thousand dollars.

Of course, a few grand is a drop in the bucket for the Biebs, who's earning millions thanks to his latest world tour and album sales.

But the question now is whether Bieber still wants Mally and the answer appears to be a big fat nein.

According to Coltro, Justin's management reached out to them a few weeks back requesting they find a new home for the little guy.

That destination, she said, will likely be a zoo.

Per a published report, a spokesman for Munich's customs office said Bieber has until midnight tonight to contact them and reclaim Mally, otherwise the monkey becomes the responsibility of German authorities.

So far, no definitive word yet from the teen heartthrob's camp on his plans.