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SPOILER ALERT: Do not read any further if you have yet to watch the season finale of Scandal. There are major spoilers ahead, so if you can complain, we will enclose you in a hole in the ground until you forget who you are. The rest of you can carry on...


Sorry, we're still having difficulty formulating any sentences, let alone words, after watching Scandal's season two finale. Sure, the ABC hit has continued to surprise us week after week, but we really thought there was no way it could top last week's double reveal that Billy Chambers (Matt Letscher) was  the mole and that David Rosen (Josh Malina) was working with him. Oh, how young and naive we were!

"White Hat's Back On" managed to make our jaws drop, cover our faces in disbelief and shout many, many expletives. (Sorry, mom!) But a single word uttered by Olivia (Kerry Washington) proved to be the biggest shocker of all!

Star-Crossed Lovers: Le sigh, once again. Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and Olivia's relationship came to an end. (Is this breakup No. 47 or 48? We've lost count.) Cyrus (Jeff Perry), who suffered a heart attack during the intense hour, attempted to turn the lovers, who are working on a plan to get married and keep the presidency, against each other by telling Liv that Fitz killed Verna and showing Fitz the tape of Liv and Jake's hookup. Later, when Fitz still wants to make it work, Olivia turns him down, saying her Associates need her: "I can't leave them. They need me, I'm their Gladiator." And whose lap should Fitz look for comfort in but a delighted Mellie's (Bellamy Young)?!

David Rosen Makes His Move: That sneaky little devil! Though it seemed like he teamed up with mole Billy Chambers, David was just playing him, too, giving him a fake Cytron card while recording all of his misdeeds in the process. In exchange for the card, Cyrus ad Fitz awarded Rosen a plum new job as the new U.S. District Attorney. Well played, sir. Well played!

Student Becomes the Master: Baby Huck Quinn (Katie Lowes) surpassed actual Huck (Giullermo Diaz) in the episode, taking his signature torture drill to Billy Chambers when Huck panicked and couldn't do it. And she really, really liked it.

Captain Jake: Poor Jake (Scott Foley)! After being ordered by Rowan (Joe Morton) to bring Olivia in because he's "handling her" (Yikes!), Jake disobeys and saves Liv, killing a fellow "B613" in the process. When Olivia offers to help him, Jake says "there are no outs" in his job, before trying to push her away by saying, "Sleeping with you was my mission, so don't bother missing me." Too bad she isn't falling for it and she kisses him and tells him to stay safe.

Which, sadly, doesn't happen as Jake ends the season being tossed into the very same hole in the ground Huck was a few years ago, the one that made him even forget he had a family.

Daddy Dearest: Oh, and the biggest reveal of all? Rowan is Olivia's father! As Liv is leaving her apartment, she's hounded by reporters asking about her affair with Fitz(!) before being escorted into a car where Rowan is waiting. "Dad?" Olivia says in disbelief before Scandal signed off for the summer.

As Fitz once said, "So...any questions?"

What did you think of Scandal's finale? Sound off in the comments!

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