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If a picture's worth a thousand words, you might say this one might be worth an orgasm or two.

The first still from Lars Von Trier's latest big-screen provocation, Nymphomaniac, is out and features Shia LaBeouf lying prostrate and shirtless on the ground between the legs of a sexy brunette.

The tableau image, which would probably feel right at home at a modern art museum, also features the rest of the ensemble cast.

Charlotte Gainsbourg, who plays the sex-crazed character of the title, sits in a chair, legs splayed before a kneeling Christian Slater; Willem Dafoe stands over a beautiful blonde who's cleaning a revealing crotch stain; while Uma Thurman looks on, showing a hint of leg and Udo Kier lies under a table, peeking up her skirt.

Even the Danish auteur himself makes a cameo, mouth duct-taped to prevent him from speaking as he shoots the drama with a miniature digital video camera—a joking nod of course to the controversial Hitler remarks he made that got him banned from the Cannes Film Festival two years ago.

Nymphomaniac, which also stars Stellan Skarsgård, Jamie Bell, Connie Nielsen and Mia Goth, tells the erotic tale of a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac who's found beaten in an alley and recounts for her rescuer the story of her life.

The flick, which made headlines when LaBeouf stated his intention to have actual sex on camera, is scheduled to be released later this year  and possibly in two versions—one sexually explicit and the other more tame.

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