Top 7 Jonas Brothers Fan Tattoos

We scoured the internet for the top 7 Jonas Brothers fan tattoos!

By Matt Faaborg May 16, 2013 7:19 PMTags
Watch: Kevin Jonas Gets a Tattoo

Some people love the Jonas Brothers. Other people LOVE the Jonas Brothers!

And what better way to express your admiration of the JoBros than inking yourself up with their lyrics and song titles!

We scoured the internet to find 7 great Jonas Brothers tattoos. Enjoy!

7. "A Little Bit Longer" is the name of the Jonas Brothers' third album. We can only speculate as to where this tattoo is located, but one can only hope that it's in a place that can be covered up in case of a job interview!


6. Getting one of the official logos of the Jonas Brothers tattooed on your back is a cool way to pay homage. But the best part of this photo is the stunned look on the face of the lady in the left of the frame!

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5. This Jonas fan skipped the ear piercings and went straight for the ink! We can only hope that she has "Brothers" tattooed under the other ear!


4. Now this is a totally practical tattoo! Whenever she forgets the name of her favorite band, all she has to do is look at her wrist and boom: Jonas Brothers.

3. "Have faith, restart" is a lyric from the Jonas Brothers hit song, "Hold On." Solid allusion to the song – we just wonder if the notes on that music staff are accurate!

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2. In case you can't read it, this tattoo says, "A little bit longer and I'll be fine," which is straight from the Jonas Brothers' song, "A little bit longer." Other than the fact that it's hard to read, this is an awesome tattoo!


1. We saved the best for last! This lovely lady got this tattoo as a part of a contest for second row tickets to a Jonas Brothers concert. The challenge was to show the "ultimate commitment" to the band. She wanted to get the tickets for her daughter, and ended up winning the contest, so at least it wasn't for nothing!