Sean Diddy Combs

Splash News; Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Looking like something out of a Hollywood movie, we're finally getting a glimpse of the Sean "Diddy" Combs car drama that unfolded on Wednesday.

This image was snapped after the West Hollywood Sheriff's Department got a call around 12:40 p.m about two men possibly carrying a gun inside the Maybach owned by the hip-hop star. (Diddy was not in the vehicle at the time.)

The Sheriff's Department told E! News that police pulled the car over, requested that the men step out of the vehicle and then searched the vehicle and the two occupants. As evidenced in the photo, police did have their weapons drawn.

Authorities, however, did not find a gun and the men were subsequently released.

The Sheriff's Department could not confirm how many squad cars responded and said no roads were shut down.

The officer we spoke to did not specifically know which street the car was pulled over on, but did say, contrary to some reports, it was not Sunset Boulevard.

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