J.J. Abrams Takes Star Wars 7 Suggestions From...William Shatner and Billy Dee Williams!

Trekkies and Jedis unite! Star Trek helmer enters the Lando system and takes a pitch from the original Captain Kirk himself

By Josh Grossberg May 16, 2013 3:33 PMTags

File this under "When Galaxies Collide."

Turning up on Wednesday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live to plug Star Trek Into Darkness, J.J. Abrams fielded some pretty hilarious suggestions for the new Star Wars movie from a couple of audience members who turned out to be none other than Billy Dee Williams and William Shatner!

"Well, I've got an idea. The next Star Wars, nothing but Lando," offered the erstwhile Lando Calrissian. "Two hours of Lando and beautiful ladies making love, sweet love in the galaxy."

"Is that it?" asked J.J.

"Of course. What else do you need?" replied the ever-smooth Williams, cracking a smile.

The former Captain Kirk then rose to boldly offer Abrams a little advice of his own.

"You know this Han Solo and the Lando thing…Captain Kirk!" Shatner exclaimed. "No rules, no search, you know. Road trip of a lifetime kinda thing."

"That actually sounds pretty great," a jazzed Abrams replied.

"Yes, it is because I kinda wrote it…but I agree with those weird people that Leia and Chewy should do it. They should do it, J.J.!" the Star Trek alum said regarding the idea a fanboy dressed as a Jedi pitched earlier.

Shatner even held up a sketch of the cross-species encounter. "Hot stuff, man! This is box office!"

Maybe they should just call the sequel Star Trek Wars or maybe Star Wars: Episode VII—The Rise of Lewy Solo, Spawn of Leia and Chewy!

Star Trek Into Darkness is now in theaters.