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Oh, you thought that Evan (Max Brown) would be Beauty and the Beast's only major casualty in season one? Are you new?

"One of our leads goes down and it's a cliffhanger whether they are going to be around for season two or not," star Jay Ryan, the most handsome beast to ever beast out on TV, exclusively tells us of tonight's season one finale. "We're all on the chopping block."

And that's not the only cliffhanger the CW hit will be causing fans to have panic attacks over all summer! During our chat with Ryan, he teased a new character that will change everything, Vincent and Catherine's (Kristin Kreuk) relationship and  the highly-awaited beast vs. beast showdown between Vincent and Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy)!

Aside from the possible death of a main character, Ryan teases, "In the last 30 seconds we will reveal a new character that will become very much a part of season two and has connections to Vincent and Catherine, and also to Gabe. That's the OMG moment of the finale: It's who is this character?"

As for what he thinks the fans' reaction will be at the end of the finale, Ryan predicts, "A few hands over wide open mouths just because of the situation Vincent and Catherine are left in and especially with the introduction of this new character. It kind of flips everything that we knew about Vincent and Catherine's past." Gulp!

But before the last 30 seconds, Vincent and Catherine spend the episode hopeful that Vincent can be cured. "Everything changes with this pill. Now that the possibility of Vincent's cure is right there in front of him, they're both very honest with each other about what they really want because now it's an option to have this normal life," Ryan previews. "He's kind of walking around in this love bubble at the moment, which kind of makes him vulnerable to Gabe's agenda to save his own life."

Of course, this leads to a big beast vs. beast showdown, which is a "whopping ten-minute sequence" that "highlights the difference between the two beasts."

Beauty and the Beast

Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

Of their "huge" fight, Ryan says, "Gabe's beast is very primal and he's a super strength kind of beast. There's no humanity when he is the beast. Vincent's beast has that humanity, he's aware of what he's doing. That's really interesting to see how these two square off with each other and because Vincent has been taking this super pill from Gabe. When he starts out on this sequence when it's beast vs. beast, Vincent is very human at the time and his strength is weakened to that of an everyday men, so he has to rely on his military experience to get through until his beast form comes back to him at the very last minute. Then you really see these two guys wail on each other. It's pretty exciting."

And Ryan hopes to see more beasts, including Gabe, in season two. "There's a possibility that Gabe is going to become a bigger character after season two. There's that opportunity and I'd still like to see a couple of more. I'd like Vincent to find a couple of his platoon, those who had the experiment done on them as well."

Beauty and the Beast's finale airs tonight at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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