Angelina Jolie, Fran Drescher; Getty Images

Fran Drescher has high praise for Angelina Jolie: "I think she's a warrior goddess. I think she is great," the iconic Nanny star gushed to us at this week's premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness.

Being a uterine cancer survivor herself, Fran specifically stepped out to discuss Angelina and women's health, following the news that Jolie had undergone a double mastectomy. "I think she made a decision that seemed right for her, and there is no right or wrong, there's just the decision you make and whatever decision you make, you never look back," Drescher continued.

"The more women who do that the better," Drescher said about Angie's op-ed. "When you turn pain into purpose it helps to make sense out of the senseless, and because she lost her mother to ovarian cancer...I think this is something she kind of needed to do and more power to her. The more women that can speak publicly about it, the more women will become educated and knowledge is power."

And though Drescher, who works with the organization Cancer Schmancer, only has kind words for Jolie, she also hopes the conversation will continue behind Angelina's personal decision: "Although we are talking about Angelina and the fact that she had a genetic tendency to get some cancers, actually 95 percent of cancers are environmentally stimulated and so I am trying to educate the public on how they can effectively reduce their risk of cancer by living a more toxic-free life. "

When we asked for some simple ways that we can live that more holistic lifestyle, Fran explained, "We should try to eat more organic and plant-based as possible. We have to start questioning what we are putting on our skin, the largest organ in the body—deodorant, lotions, sunblock, all of that stuff."

"And then what are you cleaning with, what are you gardening with? If you just start with those, to detox your home, you'll already be making a deep impact into reducing your risk for cancer," she continued.

While Fran said that she hopes Angelina will become a part of a cancer awareness PSA she's currently working on, she also hopes that the actress will adopt some of these tips too.

"I do think she's probably going to start embracing more fully a more holistic approach to a lifestyle that is preventative as well," Fran guessed. "What she did doesn't preclude her from ever getting cancer. It just reduces her risks of getting the cancer that is stimulated by the gene."

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