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Want scoop on Scandal's sure-to-be shocking finale tonight? Don't worry, it's handled!

We chatted with the juicy ABC hit's stars at the network's Upfront party in New York City, where they revealed their reactions after watching the finale together. Chairs were jumped on. Creator Shonda Rhimes was worshipped. Etc.

So what did Kerry Washington, Josh Malina, Guillermo Díaz, Bellamy Young and the rest of the Scandal gang have to share about the finale? Plus, they thank you, their loyal Gladiators, for scoring the show a third season!

"The whole cast got to watch the finale and the last five minutes will freak you out," Jeff Perry teases. "They will blow your mind! Tony Goldwyn, our president, said, 'I feel like I was pinned to the wall by a firehose.' I can't believe Shonda keeps being able to do this!"

Young adds, "It's mindblowing," and goes on to say "that even the first 40" minutes of the finale are just as "insane" as the last five minutes. Translation: Break out your helmets, Gladiators, because this finale will have you standing on your chairs (just be careful). We know this because star Darby Stanchfield did just that!

"By the end of the episode, I literally stood up in the chair that I was on and jumped up and down on it," she recalls, with Malina interjecting, "And we knew it was coming!"

The tight-lipped cast refused to give away any spoilers about the finale for the most part, you know, 'cause they kind of love their jobs, but Perry reveals, "Cyrus is trying to make sure that Fitz gets rid of that divorce idea because that's not going to work! But Fitz seems pretty intent about it and that's all I can tell you about that!"

Finally, leading lady (But will she ever be first lady?) Washington couldn't help but gush over the show's fans for their part in Scandal's renewal for a third season. "We don't take anything for granted, so it's not that we were surprised, but we feel phenomenally indebted to our fans because we know that we would not have had a second season—and we definitely would not be having a third season—if we didn't have the fans that we have," she says.

Reporting by Jenna Mullins

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