Rod Stewart

Barry King/Getty Images

Rod Stewart has some interesting tales to tell.

During his appearance on Howard Stern Monday night, the musician revealed that during a night out at an Australian bar with his Faces bandmates back in the '70s, he hit on a woman—who was anatomically a man.

"There was this beautiful woman in a bar... and I'm thinking...'Why aren't the guys trying to chat her up?," the 68-year-old rock star began to explain. "They said, 'Rod, we have left her for you,' It turned out she was a guy."

So how far did the duo get in bed before the celeb realized what was going on? "I put me hand down there...the ol' pump 'n' tool bag," Stewart shared, adding that there wasn't any kissing involved. Then Rod admitted that "there may have been a peck on the neck."

But Stewart wasn't upset at his pals, or at the person in his bed.

"I thought, 'The guys have set me up, fair enough,'" he told Stern. "I just said, 'You sleep on that side of the bed, I'll sleep on this side...I just said, 'You stay over there, I'll stay over here.'"

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