Eminem Was Not Almost Stabbed to Death in New York City

Rep tells E! News the story circulating Facebook, which claims the artist was hit with a knife four times, is "not true"

By Bruna Nessif May 15, 2013 8:56 PMTags

Another day means another Internet death hoax.

Rapper Eminem was the latest celeb to be the center of a fake story swirling around the Internet, but it wasn't about the artist dying from some freak accident (hackers come up with the most interesting stories these days).

This time it was a Facebook post, which showed a gruesome photo of a man (that was supposedly the rapper) getting shanked with a knife, that said the star was "left nearly DEAD after being stabbed 4 times in NYC!"

Em's rep denied the rumor, telling E! News the post was "not true. He remains unstabbed." (That's always good to hear.) Additionally, the man in the photo was not the real Slim Shady, and clicking on the story only opened Pandora's box of Internet spam.

The rapper is currently getting ready to release his latest album—which may or may not include a vocal appearance by Chris Rock—and will headline a few major summer music festivals in Europe this year.

Well, thank goodness he remains "unstabbed," otherwise that could've really put a damper on things.

—Reporting by Marcus Mulick