Floyd Mayweather Jr, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant


Talk about a knockout!

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. ranks No. 1 on Sports Illustrated annual list of the highest-earning American athletes.

With $90 million in projected earnings for 2013, the pugilist tops the list for the second consecutive year.

Nabbing second place with $56.5 million is Miami Heat star LeBron James.

Rounding out the top 10? Drew Brees ($47.8 million), Kobe Bryant ($46.8 million), Tiger Woods ($40.8 million), Phil Mickelson ($39.5 million), Derrick Rose ($33.4 million), Peyton Manning ($31 million), Alex Rodriguez ($29.9 million) and Zack Greinke ($29 million).

The projected earnings consist of salary, winnings, bonuses and endorsements. The total 2013 list features 25 baseball players, 13 basketball players, eight football players, two golfers, one boxer and one NASCAR driver. No female athletes were ranked for the fifth consecutive year.

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