When it comes to fashion, there's never a shortage on opinions.

Nicole Richie breaks down the difference between what a guy likes and what a girl thinks is fashionable in the latest hilarious episode of her web series, Candidly Nicole.

Richie enlists the help of gal-pal Erin Foster and buddy Ben Lyons to help pick out what Foster should wear on an upcoming first date. Right off the bat, Lyons spells out a few rules for dressing for men.

"Hats are silly," he said. "I'm not down with harem pants." That clears that up!

So what would Lyons pick for his dream date to wear on a first outing? An LBD, of course! Lyons picked out a simple black cocktail dress paired with red heels for Foster's future dinner plans.

Richie puts it simply, "There's a difference in what a girl thinks is cute and what a guy thinks is cute."

Keep it simple, ladies!

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