Beyonce Knowles

Yosra El-Essawy,

If Beyoncé is eating for two, that could explain the $1,144 restaurant tab.

Just kidding. Obviously Jay-Z's love ordered food for an entourage Sunday at a Nandos restaurant in Ireland. But from garlic bread to spicy chicken wings, the stuff on that takeout bill does sound pretty appetizing if one actually were pregnant.

A restaurant receipt obtained by the Daily Mail shows Bey and her crew ordered jumbo platters of mild to hot chicken, chips, rice, cornbread, corn, coleslaw and seven roulettes of wings.

And while Queen Bey hasn't actually acknowledged the pregnancy rumors yet, she did cancel Monday's concert in Belgium after being "advised by doctors" to get some rest for "dehydration and exhaustion."

Mrs. Carter isn't usually the type to miss a show. Then again, a world tour would definitely take a toll on anyone.

Whatever the case, we wish her a speedy recovery and much health and happiness.

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