Chris Brown, Compton

Chris Brown can draw a crowd.

After hanging out with a group of students at a school this past weekend and playing ball with some fans in Harlem last week, Breezy's latest entourage consisted of more than a dozen friends who took over a Compton rooftop to film the singer's music video for a tribute track dedicated to the late R&B star Aaliyah.

The single features some previously unheard vocals from the songstress, which can be partially heard on this video, showing Brown on a street in Los Angeles shooting the video. (You may remember that Drake is also a huge Aaliyah fan, and he released a track called "Enough Said" using her sweet sounds in August.)

Chris Brown, Graffiti

Deano / Splash News

Meanwhile, Brown also addressed the heat he's been getting from his neighbors for the large graffiti art that is displayed outside of his Hollywood Hills home.

"Keep em inside then! It's art. There are scarier creatures on Harry potter. Get a f--king life!," he tweeted in response to his creation scaring kids in the neighborhood. "'Lords of dogtown' is how I live my life. ima paint until my hands fall off."

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