Joyce Brothers, Dr. Joyce Brothers

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You remember correctly—that was Dr. Joyce Brothers sitting in as one of the announcers during the climactic baseball scene in The Naked Gun.

The famed advice columnist and talk-show host, who pioneered the art of giving advice on TV and frequently played herself in TV and movie cameos, died today in her native New York City. She was 85.

The Columbia University-educated psychologist, born Joyce Diane Bauer, had a history-making TV debut in 1955 when she became the the first (and ultimately only) woman to ever win the game show The $64,000 Question.

Who wouldn't have wanted her advice after that?!

That exposure led to broadcast guest appearances and then she started hosting The Joyce Brothers Show on NBC in 1958, a pioneering afternoon talk show about relationships, sex, child-rearing and other topics intended to appeal to women. The married mother of one also had her own late-night show for a while and was a fixture on the radio.

At the height of its popularity, her nationally syndicated newspaper column ran in more than 300 papers, and, in 1963, she started penning a monthly column for Good Housekeeping and kept that up for nearly 40 years.

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Brothers also popped up in dozens of TV shows and movies, nearly always as herself. In addition to her silent role in The Naked Gun (the joke being the famed advice giver's random presence in the all-male announcers' box, no lines necessary), she was in comedies such as Troop Beverly Hills, Van Wilder and Analyze That.

She also had guest spots on everything from Happy Days and Taxi to Frasier and Felicity, with her most recent TV appearance possibly being a 2005 cameo on Entourage.

Her husband, Milton Brothers, died in 1989. They had one daughter together.

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