The Kaiser has spoken!

And he's given us the inside scoop behind his gorgeous Coco Chanel-inspired resort 2013 collection.

True to form, the iconic designer lent his latest Chanel collection his own unique spin, while still tipping his fashionable hat to the label's founder with looks that emulate her debut collections.

"I tried to capture moods from what she did in her early days, moods from what's going on here, what inspired the fashion from here," he explained. "But there's nothing folkloric, and nothing retro or vintage about it."

No moving backwards Lagerfeld. Such a move would be très tragique!

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He also went for an uncharacteristically monochromatic spring collection.

"I did so many colors for the collection we showed in Instanbul that suddenly I liked very limited Chanel palette with beige, off-white, ivory, black, and blue marine, navy blue," he share. "That was enough, there's no need for other colors."

Well, OK then! Guess you can make your own rules when you're as established as legendary as Lagerfeld.

But he did a manage to have a bit of fun with the collection, creating a handbag inspired by the oh-so-classic Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle.

"I've been doing Chanel now for so many years, but I never thought to use a No. 5 bottle for a handbag, and I think it's cute, no?"

Oui, Karl. Oui.

But what do you think? Are you a fan of Karl's new latest collection?

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