Bradley Cooper, Savannah Guthrie

Bradley Cooper could have just about any woman in the world—but not Savannah Guthrie!

Monday on Today, the Hangover Part III star surprised the newly engaged morning anchor with flowers—and his phone number!

"Congratulations," Cooper said, handing a beautiful bouquet of red roses to the bride-to-be and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you, Bradley," Guthrie gushed. "Wow!'

Natalie Morales jokingly gave a reassuring shout-out to Guthrie's fiancé. "Mike [Feldman], don't worry!" she said. "You're OK."

Matt Lauer chimed in with his own quip, saying to Guthrie, "You just had the ring on a second ago! Where'd that go?"

Cooper, not missing a beat, kiddingly pointed to Guthrie's bouquet, "My number's right in here."

Guthrie got a laugh out of that, saying, "Haha! Just kidding! Thank you, Bradley."

Don't feel too bad for this Oscar nominee, though. This is probably the only rejection he'll face like, ever.

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