Arrested Development Cast

Art Streiber/FOX

It's the final countdown.

Arrested Development makes its highly anticipated return into our lives on Sunday, May 26. And for those of you who failed math class, yes, that's just a mere two weeks away.

To properly celebrate the series return on Netflix (which means all 15 episodes will be available at once, praise Gob!), a trailer for the fourth season has been gifted to us. Bask in the awesomeness of Michael (Jason Batemen), Gob (Will Arnett), Lucille (Jessica Walter) and the rest of the Bluth gang's return with us, won't you?

So what can we expect from the 15 episode return of Arrested Development?

More awkward cousin tension. More magic tricks illusions. More birds.

Arrested Development's fourth season will be available on Netflix starting Sunday, May 26. And make sure to check back with us for interviews with the cast leading up to the premiere!

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