Gwyneth Paltrow's Awesome Interview: Jokes "I'm Drunk," Toasts "Hairless Vaginas," Slams Met Gala

Actress has revealing chat about bikini waxes and the Met Gala with hosts of Australia's The Kyle and Jackie O Show

By Lily Harrison May 11, 2013 12:08 AMTags
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Gwyneth Paltrow gives good interview.

The good-natured Goop goddess grabbed dinner in New York with the hosts of Australia's The Kyle and Jackie O Show and animatedly dished on all sorts of things—including who holds her down during bikini waxes!

"I'm drunk already. I am," she laughed with her hosts. "A martini went straight to my head, and now wine. With no food. So just watch out."

Paltrow then reiterated her feelings about how this year's punk-themed Met Gala—to which she wore hot-pink Valentino—wasn't all that (or that "It sucked.").

"Like you always think, 'Oh my god. This is going to be so glamorous and amazing and you're going to see all these people.' And then you're there, and it's so hot. It's so crowded. Everyone's pushing you. This year it was really intense. It wasn't fun."

Paltrow apparently even thought the entertainment was intense. "Kanye West was playing and he was furious and he threw his microphone down. It was all drama!" she said.

And perhaps in response to the critics who felt that she was one of the (many) stars who didn't abide by the evening's theme, she added, "I feel like we're all a bit old to be trying to dress punk."

But the gab session didn't end there.

Paltrow also remarked on what she said on Ellen about needing a razor moments before Iron Man 3's L.A. premiere to prevent any, well, indecent exposure in her see-through Antonio Berardi dress.

"I said, 'No, I got a big '70s bush.' Which I was kidding," she, er, clarified. "But then it was all a disaster and now I look like an 8-year-old girl, basically." She also indicated that she needs her girlfriends by her side for support during waxing sessions.

"Every time I have a bikini wax, Cameron Diaz holds me down," Paltrow said.

So, with visions of true friendship dancing in their heads, the trio ended the revelatory evening on a high note.

"Cheers to our hairless vaginas!" Paltrow exclaimed by way of a toast.


Listen to the whole dinner conversation right here!

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