Jay-Z, Doppleganger

Sid Grossman, Courtesy New York Public Library

Rapper, mogul and Illuminati king Beyoncé's husband Jay-Z, was born in Brooklyn in 1969.

Or so he says.

This photo from New York Public Library's Schomburg Center was taken in Harlem in 1933.


Sid Grossman, Courtesy New York Public Library, Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

This is enough scientific evidence to declare Jay-Z immortal.

If you are a Jay-Z Birther, to that we say: We hear the jury is still out on birth certificates.

On an unrelated note, Jay-Z is featured on a new (NSFW) track by The Dream, "High Art."

Enjoy the song! And enjoy what time you have left!

Because soon you'll die and Jay-Z will live forever.

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