Drake App

Courtesy: Happy Girl Inc.

If you've been paying attention to Amanda Bynes' Twitter feed these days, she's going to great lengths to let the world know that she thinks Drake is one fine fella.

And just in case you're agreement, there's a iPhone and iPad app you need to know about!

The Dress Up! Drake app is not only free, but allows you to virtually dress the rapper and utilize your fashion expertise.

That's right, now you can channel your inner celebrity stylist and select which sweater, chain necklace, pants or logo T-shirts the star should wear with the click of a button.

Um, Amanda Bynes, are you listening?

Better yet, you can even take control of his whereabouts, meaning virtual Drake can flaunt his fashion swag at a concert setting or show off his casual side for a low-key night out on the town.

Go on girls, you're going to want to download this one now.

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