Wanna know why Demi Lovato went from being a brunette to a blonde earlier this week?

On Friday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the "Heart Attack" singer suggested that a mood disorder is the reason her tresses tend to change colors so frequently.

"I do this often," Demi explained to Ellen, who noticed the 20-year-old's lighter locks. "You've heard I'm bipolar. So I change my hair a lot."

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"I didn't know you were bipolar," Ellen said. "So how often do you change your hair? What colors have you had?"

The pop star explained she's "had black, brunette, red, like orangey red, pink, and blue" hair—so far.

Ellen at first replied with a simple, "Wow," then gave Demi a warning about the dangers of over processed hair. "Well," she said. "If you keep coloring it, it's going to fall out by itself!

Demi didn't seem too concerned by this prospect, telling Ellen with a laugh, "Then we will be twins!"

Ha! Stay sassy, D.

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