Prince Harry’s White House Tea Party Style: Royal Rocks Adorable Rabbit Print Tie

Channel the royal's style with an accessory by British designer Paul Smith

By Rose Curiel May 10, 2013 5:51 PMTags
Prince Harry, TieAP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Here's a trend you might want to hop on.

Prince Harry stole the spotlight from Michelle Obama during his visit to the White House yesterday for a—what else?—a tea party with one seriously standout accessory. Though the fashionable first lady looked stunning in a feminine Prabal Gurung dress, our eyes were immediately drawn to the dapper royal in a sharp suit paired with a tie decorated with—wait for it—adorable little bunnies!

Paul Smith

We always knew Prince William's little brother had a cheeky side to him—he is no stranger to scandal, after all—but were still pleasantly surprised to see his playful side also translates into a little sartorial sass. One peep at the tiny rabbits jumping across the 28-year-old's tie put an immediate smile on our face, and we love the fact that the uncle-to-be didn't shy away from wearing a cutesy print. And is it us, or does he nevertheless manage to look ruggedly handsome despite his petite four-legged friends?

Those interested in falling down the rabbit hole can channel the prince's look with a similar rabbit print tie by Paul Smith—as in Sir Paul Smith, the Brit designer who was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II back in 2000.

We're sure Harry would approve. 

What do you think of Harry's hare print tie? 

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