Heather Morris, Naya Rivera, Glee

Beth Dubber/FOX

Tonight's Glee finale left us with one burning question: Was that really a final goodbye to Heather Morris?

We aren't experts in quantum mechanics like MIT-bound Brittany, but we know some people. We've talked to some inside sources. And here's the highly scientific equation we can throw your way:

  • Heather Morris is not under contract for season five. Neither is any other actor in the cast. Sources confirm that the whole cast is up for renegotiations after season four and those new contracts will be worked out over the summer, before production begins again in July.
  • A source who works on the show tells us that like Quinn (Dianna Agron) getting hit by the truck and Sue (Jane Lynch) getting fired, tonight's episode doesn't necessarily mean we won't see Brittany again.
  • Another insider who works on the show tells us that Morris' pregnancy makes it "somewhat unlikely" we will see her as a series regular on Glee in season five, however it's almost certain we will see her again "in some capacity."
  • The whereabouts of Lord Tubbington the cat are currently unknown.
  • Heather Morris still will be a part of Glee, but probably not as a series regular, for season five and beyond.

Now, since all the other actors' contracts are also up, which Gleebies are you hoping will return?

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