Kirsten Dunst

August Heim,

This is an interesting outfit.

Kirsten Dunst was spotted yesterday in her Spanx on the Atlanta set of Anchorman: The Legend Continues (At this point, who isn't in this movie?) in what looked to be the middle of a wardrobe change.

Or, considering the oft-R-rated subject matter of the first Anchorman, perhaps she was all ready for the cameras to roll!

Dunst was photographed in a fluffy pink robe, open to reveal nude Spanx underneath, and a pair of bright neon running shoes.

Her part in the movie has been described as a cameo, and, by the beard of Zeus, the actress was at one point seen wearing a goddess-style ensemble of a cream-colored gown and gold crown while holding a trumpet.

As if we needed further proof of just how jam-packed with stars this highly anticipated sequel is! Just yesterday, Sacha Baron Cohen was seen having a fight with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and Kanye West was also spotted on set in an Afro wig.

Is it Dec. 20 yet?!

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