The Office Recap: An Engagement, a Dunder Mifflin Farewell and the Jim-Pam Tribute That Left Us in Tears

Penultimate episode of the NBC comedy featured big moments for Angela and Dwight

By Jenna Mullins May 10, 2013 2:00 AMTags
The OfficeChris Haston/NBC

Tonight's second-to-last episode of The Office was full of emotional moments that seemed like love letters to the fans who have watched the show since the pilot. An engagement, a goodbye and a Michael Scott (kind of) return? That's a lot to process. And we haven't even started to wrap our heads around the Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fisher) moment that reduced us to a puddle of mush on the ground. Here's what went down on the penultimate episode of the final season of The Office:

Wedding Bells: Is it weird that we almost love Angela (Angela Kinsey) and Oscar (Oscar Nunez) together more than Angela and Dwight (Rainn Wilson)? Almost. Angela and Dwight have too much history; that much was made clear when Dwight realized he couldn't propose to Esther (Nora Kirkpatrick) because he was in love with Angela. And he is dead sure that Phillip is actually his child and not the senator's. Dwight tells his ex-girlfriend that if the child is his, he will wed her and provide her with everything she needs. Despite the fact that Angela is in desperate need of money and someplace to live (she's crashing at Oscar's), she tells Dwight that the child isn't his. Heartbroken, Dwight slinks off.

Jim, being the great assistant regional manager that he is, later gives Dwight a speech about how the only thing that matters is love. Inspired by his foe/friend's words, he breaks out his police light and pulls Angela over on her drive to Poor Richard's. Using his trusty megaphone, he proclaims his love for Angela and promises to raise Phillip as his own. Angela breaks down and reveals that Phillip is indeed his child, and that she lied before. She wanted to make sure Dwight wanted to marry Angela for no other reason than for love. Dwangela is getting hitched, y'all!

Jim and Pam Forever: Pam spent the episode watching her husband gleefully working with Dwight while he tries to find an assistant to the assistant regional manager. And while he seemed happy on the outside, Pam was worried that Jim passing on the national tour that his sports agency was embarking on was going to lead to regrets down the line. So Pam corners him and admits that she's worried she will not be enough for him. Jim is stunned silent, and enlists the documentary crew to help him prove to Pam that she will always, always be enough for him. The result?

The crew creates a montage of the best Jim and Pam footage over the past nine years. It was all there, set to Snow Patrol's "Open Your Eyes": The booze cruise, Jim's proclamation of love on casino night, their first kiss, the proposal, their wedding, when Pam told Jim she was pregnant...every last important Jam moment played for Pam, ending with the moment when Jim gave Pam her tea pot from season two's Christmas episode. Remember the card that he wrote to Pam admitting his feeling for her? He ended up taking it back at the last minute, but now, Jim can finally give it to her. "Everything you'll ever need to know is in that note," he told her. We never found out exactly what he said, but it was enough for Pam to finally let go of the notion that Jim would regret choosing her. And then we collapsed in tears because the couple we've been rooting for since the pilot can still find ways to make us cry.

Goodbye, Daryl: Unlike Jim, Daryl (Craig Robinson) was definitely joining Athlead on their cross-country recruiting trek. But he didn't want a long-drawn out farewell, so he pulled an "Irish Goodbye," and just ducked out without saying a word to anyone.

Turns out, everyone wasn't cool with Daryl leaving like that. He allowed them to say goodbye in their own way, in whichever way they chose. Of course they chose a giant dance party, which allowed us to see the entire cast acting goofy together, for maybe the last time.

Andy's Dreams Dashed: Andy (Ed Helms) spent the episode waiting in line to try out for America's Next Acapella Sensation, an American Idol-esque reality show hosted by Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath. When he finally gets to the judges (Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Santigold and Clay Aiken, because who else?), he gets turned down despite all his passion and bravado. He slinks back to their local bal Poor Richards just in time to watch the documentary with the rest of the Dunder Mifflin gang. And speaking of…

Michael Scott Returns (Kind Of): Obviously when the documentary starting airing, it started at the beginning, but we didn't know it would start at the very beginning. What floated out of the television was the voice of Michael Scott (Steve Carell) talking to Jim about not being able to close the sale, the very first scene of the pilot. The episode ended before we could get much further than that, but we're sure we'll hear all about the reaction to the documentary in the finale.

Line of the Night: "Not enough for me? You are everything."--Jim to Pam

This is it, Office fans. Just one more week until the series finale. Starting Monday, we'll be celebrating everything about The Office with a week-long tribute, so don't miss it!