What are our favorite commercials currently on the air? How kind of you to ask! They're the AT&T "It's Not Complicated" ads. You know, the ones that feature the little kids rambling on and on about why bigger is better than smaller and why more is better than less.

While AT&T ramps up to celebrate Mother's Day (check out their site, where you can customize the new commercial to send to your own mother), we sat down with Beck Bennett, who stars in the clips, and got the scoop on his pint-size costars.

"It's pretty much all improvised," Bennett revealed E! News. "They start with the basic questions...and each one of those principles has one or two scripts, just in case. Because you want to have a safety incase these kids don't say something fun or interesting. But they always do."

Keep the commercials coming then, AT&T! Because we want more! We want more! We like it, so we want more!

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