Alex Trebek

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Prepare for a Jeopardy!-themed intro.

This Canadian silver fox has a mustache that most men only dream of and has revealed that he will probably not return to the iconic game show after his contract is up.

Who is Alex Trebek? Damn right.

Trebek, who has been hosting Jeopardy! since 1984, confirmed in an interview with that after his contract expires in 2016, he will not be renewing it.

"I suspect this might be my last contract," he told the site. "I'm not going to go on forever. My contract expires in 2016. There is a time for all things and my time may be coming."

Of course, when that hosting slot opens up, the best of the best will be considered to fill Trebek's shoes. When asked about the rumors that Matt Lauer or Anderson Cooper might be next in line, he gave his blessing.

"Any of them could do it. It's just a question of whether they would want to and enjoy it," Trebek said. "Both men are a lot younger than I am and it's a pretty static format, even though the guests and clues change, which keeps it exciting. If Matt Lauer would come over to Jeopardy!, I'd be happy to take over his job on Today."

LeVar Burton, aka Star Trek: The Next Generation's Geordi La Forge and the man behind PBS' Reading Rainbow, has also tossed his hat into the ring via Twitter by retweeting a link to a petition to make him the new host.

Who do you think should step in for Trebek in 2016? Or is he like what the great philosopher Beyoncé calls "irreplaceable"? 

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