Justin Bieber, Tyson Bedford


Amanda Bynes, take note: Tyson Beckford is not a fan of Justin Bieber's saggy pants.

The sexy model has been dipping his toes into the world of fashion design after teaming up with Alexander Nash, and the style star says he wants to see a clean-cut look on today's young celebs.

"We're just trying to change how young men are dressing these days," the 42-year-old hottie told E! News. "We want them to feel like every time they go out of the house they should at least be dressed, you know, just be dressed when you leave the house." 

We're guessing he wouldn't count Biebs' gas mask as an adequate accessory.  

"That horrible trend of young man's pants hanging off their butt," he continued. "You know, we just want to kill that." 

When asked if he supports Bieber's saggy style, Beckford didn't hold back, expressing his aversion to the popular trend: 

"No, no, no, no we don't want ‘em to be little boys, we want to be gentlemen now," he said when questioned about Justin's fashion. 

Beckford has now been working with Nash since the presidential inauguration, and the budding fashion designer isn't slowing down. He even codesigned his custom Met Gala pink camo jacket and plans to continue working with the New York-based designer. 

"The way we came up with the pink camo—we said ‘pink' instead of ‘punk' and then we were like ‘Why not go with pink?'" 

"But I can't wait for the next red carpet event when I can break out that fuchsia tuxedo I have," he added. "Joan Rivers is going to lose her mind." 

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Cooper

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