Sienna Miller, Cara Delevigne, Instagram


Talk about lip service.

The Girl star Sienna Miller and fashion It girl Cara Delevigne got close up and cozy Monday night at the Met Gala.

In a sexy snap that Delevigne posted on her Instagram page, the duo smooched for the camera, their eyes closed as they puckered up and leaned in close.

"Soooo many studs! So little time x," Delevigne captioned the pic.

But lest you think she's talking about guys, let's dial things down a notch: The "studs" Delevigne was likely referring to were on the spike-festooned Burberry frock she rocked, with its dramatic plunging neckline.

Miller, meanwhile, also punked out in Burberry, as she paired a metal-studded jacket with a floor-length white gown, a spiky headband brushing back her luscious blond locks.

Call it a big kiss to Burberry, in more ways than one.

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