Whoa, mama!

Before you reach for unhealthy but time-saving snacks for you and your little ones, food blogger Catherine McCord has a few nutritious options that require little to no preparation. And as a mother of two, she knows a thing or two about the difficulties of balancing a mom-on-the-go's busy schedule with a healthy lifestyle. 

Catherine McCord

William Morrow/Harper Collins

"When I first became a mother, one of my girlfriends said to me, 'I think that I'm eating about 500 calories more every day just because of my kids' unhealthy snacks,'" she shares.

If you can relate, the food guru is here to help with good-for-you snack suggestions that you can easily toss into your kids' backpacks—or your own handbag! And you may be surprised to learn said snacks can provide you with a pretty well-balanced intake of all your dietary essentials. Simple switch-ups, like McCord's tip of trading regular yogurt for the Greek variety, for example, easily doubles your protein intake. Who knew?!

The savvy blogger shares plenty more tips in her upcoming book Weelicious, which is slated to hit shelves starting Aug. 20 and offers quick-and-healthy recipes.

But to hold you over until then, the culinary whiz is sharing a simple recipe that—miracle of miracles!—can get your little ones excited about eating their veggies!

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