While Trekkies anxiously await the release of the anticipated Star Trek Into Darkness (now opening a on May 16!), they can enjoy hearing about what's to come from the stars themselves!

Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zoe Saldana and director J.J. Abrams all sat down with E! News to dish the deets on the flick. 

"There's a deep connection between Kirk and Spock," said Quinto. "I think, historically, it is the engine of this franchise. It's the heart of the story, and this movie highlights that in a lot of ways."

Zoe Saldana, Alice Eve, Star Trek Into Darkness

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Pine added that his character, Captain Kirk, will be met with a lot of "self doubt" this time around, after realizing that "humility is a necessary part in leading people into battle. If you go in with absolute hubris, you're gonna get knocked to your knees."

Cumberbatch, who pulls villain duty, said about his character, "You know he's a homegrown terrorist, he comes within Star Fleet and your levels of empathy should be toyed with at some points with this guy."

Abrams is hopeful that fans will appreciate the next installment, because he stated that the focus was "honoring what it is that people have loved and what they know about it—the relationships, the archetypes, the paradigm—of this word and the idea of it, and yet, do stuff to boldly go where no one else has gone before and take it and go somewhere else." 

Speaking of the Abrams, Saldana—who was recently photographed doing a photo call for the film in Mexico with costar Alice Eve—mentioned that having the notoriously secretive director as the head honcho of the film made her experience on set that much better.

"J.J. being our director—he's very disciplined as well—but he is the funniest, most humorous character ever, so he maintains this essence of levity. So, even when you're working, you're going on your 14th hour that day, you're still relaxed. You're tired, you may be hungry and sleepy, but you're not irritated and that is what I appreciate so much of working with this team, because everybody really gets along."

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