Nicole Richie is "an adult now" and to complete her growth into adulthood, she's setting out to learn about all things flowers.

The mother of two learned the tricks of the trade from floral design expert Eric Buterbaugh in the latest hilarious webisode of Candidly Nicole.

Richie revealed that sunflowers make her "happy", but Buterbaugh thinks she needs to "take more risks" and is more of a black calla lily kind of girl because they're "short but powerful."

When the Fashion Star judge asked what the perfect flower for a lesbian wedding is, he immediately quips, "black roses."

But Richie wants to know what will set the mood for something a little more romantic.

"What's the perfect flower for a guy coming over to your house and you want to go to third base but not bone him," she asked.

Buterbaugh laughed and replied, "red roses."

And when it comes to Mother's Day, Buterbaugh gives Richie one key piece of advice.

"Do peonies," he said. "Something really happy."

We'll take it from him on all of the invaluable advice above!

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