Jason Collins, Celtics

AP Photo/Michael Dwyer

Jason Collins has spoken openly and honestly about coming out as a gay man, the first active professional athlete to do so. But don't expect to read more of his musings in a memoir anytime soon.

The NBA center is denying speculation that he's shopping for a book deal after reports surfaced claiming that the NBA center had approached several publishing houses.

On Monday, the 34-year-old posted a tweet refuting the rumors as he attempted to set the record straight.

"Contrary to Sportscenter reports, I have no current plans to write any books. Sorry to disappoint my literary loving fans," he wrote, cheekily adding the hashtag "#GoingToTheGym."

According to published reports, insiders claim that Collins is supposedly working with Sports Illustrated scribe Franz Lidz, to whom Collins first publicly revealed he was gay, and that the memoir had reportedly been pitched to three major book publishers.

One publisher purportedly passed on the proposal, citing concern that there might not be anything new to add to Collins' story after he came out in a heartfelt essay that he penned for Sports Illustrated.

Collins also recently sat down with Oprah Winfrey for a candid interview that touched on his trepidation about coming out, which he said left him with "so much angst."

"Yes, I'm making a big declaration, but also trying to remain as private in my private life as possible," he said.

He also expressed his relief about finally being able to be honest about who he is.

"But now, I know, I don't have to worry when I do step out. I won't be outed," he added. "I've already raised my hand in the classroom and said yes."

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