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Wake up, it's time to take your daily dose of TV scoop!

In today's Spoiler Chat, we've got scoop on the highly anticipated new seasons of True Blood (which features a big death!) and Dexter, as well as details on a quirky new character that HBO's Girls will be introducing in season three. Also included? What Nick and Jess fans can expect from tonight's episode of New Girl now that the fan-favorite couple has done the deed!

Plus, we've got spoilers on Beauty and the Beast, The Mindy Project and more!

Benny: Wilfred?
Are you asking for the premiere date for the new season? We thought so. June 20 is your answer.

Cynthia: What's next for Nick and Jess on New Girl?!
An adorable morning after! Rather than freak out over having sex, Nick decides to bring Jess breakfast in bed...too bad he never is able to get his version of the meal (which includes pie, of course!) to her as he's intercepted by her dad. Awkward x 1,000! Especially when Nick's daddy issues come up later...and we're not sure he's going to be able to cancel his subscription by season's end.

Jessalyn P.: Summer time means True Blood time! Spill!
Sookie wants her life back! Everything is spinning out of control! The humans are pissed! The vampires are even more pissed! Basically, True Blood is going all out this year. Just watch the season six trailer and you'll see what we mean. Plus, that big death that's happening this season? It might happen a lot sooner than we originally thought. It's in the second half of the season, but before the finale.

Sabrina: Any scoop on The Mindy Project?
Have you ever wanted to see a drunk minister get into a fight at a frat party? Well then, tune in tonight when Casey runs into one of Mindy's exes. It's freakin' magical. (And there's a stripper pole involved.)

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Jonathan: Girls scoop, please!
A new hipster is coming to Girls! In season three, viewers will meet Jesse, a 26-year-old low-level employee at a men's magazine who is described as super smart and funny, but unmotivated. (Also working against him? He actually loves that Adam Sandler movie Jack & Jill.) Hmm...could Hannah be getting an actual writing gig?

Mason: Sad about Dexter ending, but excited that it airs this summer. What's happening with Deb this season?
Let's ask the cast and writers of Dexter, because they know better. They tell you everything you need to know about Deb in season eight in this new feature about her journey from cop to killer.

Andy: Beauty and the Beast scoop if you've got it!
Now that the show's been officially renewed for a second season, executive producer Jennifer Levin says fans can expect to see more of Vincent and Catherine's relationship struggles next year. "We spent this season really bonding Cat and Vincent, and they are so strong together," she explains. "I think next year we want to put some obstacles in their way and really challenge their relationship, so that's what we've been talking about, how to do that."

Sebastian: Got anything on Grimm?
The Grim Reaper is a-comin' for a visit in the finale! When we chatted with David Guintoll, Silas Weir Mitchell and Bree Turner recently, they revealed that one of the three of them might not make it out of the finale alive. Gulp!

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins and Tierney Bricker

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