Local news isn't the only place to mine outrageous personalities. Local TV ads have plenty of potential to offer up too. And then sometimes local news stars appear in local TV ads and oh-how-incestuously outrageous it all gets!

But this is about a local ad sans any real star power...that is, until this ad went viral (including a pickup by Ellen DeGeneres) and a star was surely born. The ad for Arlen's Transmission in Burbank, Cali. features Goorgen leading a song and dance number called "Shift It!" with a slew of hot young thangs.

And really, it's a sight to behold. (Seriously, behold it. Watch the video.)

You can watch the original commercial (sans Ellen commentary) here. Now, with all viral videos, you're probably asking yourself by now: This can't be real, right?

Yes and no.

The ad was created by Rhett and Link, creators of an Internet show called The Mythical Show. You'd assume then, that two young, Internet-savvy guys probably are in on the joke, right? That they created an insane video knowing that it would spread like lighting across the Web and Goorgen has to be an actor, right?

Again: You're right and wrong. Rhett and Link seem to have known they hit gold when they found Goorgen...who is as real as they come. No acting, no tomfoolery here.

In a behind-the-scenes video, Goorgen, who doubles as a singer, explains that he "likes the arts." And showcases one of his past music videos which basically gave birth to this commercial. That is, it's got song, dance and tons of babes. Classic Goorgen!

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