The Amazing Race

Sonja Flemming/CBS


The Amazing Race has come to an end. 

Eleven pairs have toughed it out this season, traveling more than 30,000 miles, visiting 10 countries on five continents and enduring multiple obstacles, all on a quest for the grand prize of $1 million. And on tonight's finale, viewers were able to witness who left the show a whole 'lot richer.

The duo that took it all home were...

Hockey brothers, Bates and Anthony Battaglia!

Following them were newlyweds Max and Katie. Roller Derby moms Mona and Beth finished third, and country singers Caroline and Jennifer ended up in fourth, but the race wasn't even close when it got to the end. 

The Battaglia brothers dominated the last challenge (which they had done time and time again throughout the season). "I can't remember the last time I felt like this," Bates told host Phil Keoghan at the finish line after realizing they won.

The final challenge required one team member from the pair to search through a pit of Earth-themed beach balls to find the ones with the countries they'd visited circled. Then the other team member had to put them in the order they traveled. The Battaglia brothers finished the task before the other pairs even arrived.

Way to end strong, guys!

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