Emma Roberts may have needed someone else to tie her sneakers because her nails are so long, but that didn't affect her ability to show them off.

The actress designed a pair of hightop kicks for Vans Custom Culture, a design contest for high school kids that will result in the school of the winning designer scoring $50,000 for its arts program.

"Vans started Custom Culture a few years ago and it's basically to support arts in schools, which is something that I'm really passionate about, 'cause I know everything I remember from school, all my memories, are something to do with the arts," Roberts said on E! News today, showing off her own design—a picture of lips on one toe and a skull and crossbones on the other—to Catt Sadler and Terrence Jenkins.

The Tribeca Film Festival was probably more of a high-heels event for Roberts, however—especially since she got to enjoy the festival and date night with her boyfriend and Adult World costar Evan Peters all at once.

"It was really fun, getting to be at Tribeca together," the actress said. "It was nice, because the work stuff gets boring sometimes, so to have your friends and family and your boyfriend there, it makes it a lot easier and a lot more fun."

Watch the clip to see Emma show off her shoes (and Terrence try a pair on!) and learn more about Vans Custom Culture—and tune into E! News weekdays at 7 p.m. & 11:30 p.m. for more interviews with your favorite celebs.

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