Dash cam footage of Reese Witherspoon's arrest premiered today, and the reviews are in: though the dialogue is clunky and the plot is a bit thin, Reese shines as the lead actress! Before you see it in theaters this weekend, we got some promo clips in an EPK and we thought we'd share. 

Here's a scene where Reese pretends to be pregnant in order to stop her husband's DUI arrest. 

Here Reese's character evokes shades of Elle Woods as she continuously insists she's an American citizen and uses Elle's favorite phrase, "This is BEYOND."

And in this final scene, she plays a very entitled and wealthy celebrity who tries to use her fame to influence people. What a turn!

All in all, it's on Oscar winner, but it's a carefree romp. Three enthusiastic breathalyzer puffs!

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