Amanda Bynes Has Almost Completed Her Transformation into Stripper Blac Chyna

Queen of Twitter, Bynes, seems to want to do everything like Tyga's baby mama, check it out

By John Boone May 03, 2013 11:02 PMTags
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The mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a question mark and topped with a blond wig known as Amanda Bynes is transforming before our very eyes. But transforming into what, you ask? A certain famous stripper. Maybe.

In a recent interview with In Touch, Amanda revealed the inspiration behind her new look: "I wanted to look like Blac Chyna." Blac Chyna being the stripper turned video girl turned rap reference who boasts blonde bangs and cheek piercings.

But Chyna's look (AKA Stage 1; Status: complete) isn't the only thing Amanda covets.


Stage 2: Once Amanda nailed the Blac Chyna look, she needed a medium to show off the results. Well she need look no further than—wait for it—Blac Chyna for inspiration. And if Amanda's heavy lidded pout in these selfies is a copy cat of Chyna's, well...nailed it? (Amanda similarly began collaging photos of herself just like Blac Chyna has been known to do.)

And if you've familiar with any of Bynes' Twitter rants, these two Blac Chyna tweets may seem déjà vu-y: 1. "Only Trust Yourself !!" 2. "I hate liars ..... Lolz"


Stage 3: Amanda is obsessed with herself, which is a sign of self confidence and/or swagger. She tells you as much: "I'm obsessed with myself on twitter. Also, my video last night was perfection." Blac Chyna thinks highly of herself too: "I'm trying the baddest bitch on Twitter...But I can't seem to find her !" (which translates to "I'm obsessed with myself. My video last night was perfection.")

Put on your sunglasses, because both of these babes shine bright! And put on your sunglasses because neither girl knows how to turn off her camera flash in a mirror selfie!


Stage 4: In the midst of her whirlwind life, Bynes most stable habit seems to be going to the gym (and not getting kicked out of gymnastics classes, FYI). When she attends the gym she likes to tweet things like, "At the gym! Rawr!" Blac Chyna makes a similar effort to document her gym visits, with such tweets as, "Gym time in the morning!"

Both have also made very public their desire to lose weight. Amanda tweeted, "I weigh 135, I've gained weight! I need to be 100 lbs!" (yikes) while Blac Chyna Instagrammed a photo of herself on the scale (weighing in at 135lbs as well!) with the caption, "Ok 5.8lbs to go ......" (well, OK).


Stage 5: Blac Chyna has a baby with rapper Tyga, a member of the Young Money Cash Money posse. Drake is a member of Young Money posse. Amanda Bynes wants Drake to murder her vagina. She tweeted, "I want @drake to murder my vagina."

Perhaps she wants Drake to murder her vagina and put a lil baby in there so that she and Chyna can be self-described MILFs together.

That's probably the best case scenario to end this saga.