Only God forgives…the thoughts that will go through your mind watching this Ryan Gosling video.

Yes, in a behind-the-scenes clip from Only God Forgives, the handsome 32-year-old actor can't help but smirk as director Nicolas Winding Refn continuously compares violence to sex.

Gosling plays a drug smuggler in the not-yet-released movie.

Ryan Gosling

Courtesy of Youtube

There's a shirtless boxing scene (Hey girl! Check out those abs) and a small giggle fit around the 0:30 mark. And even Gosling, the consummate professional, can't keep a straight face when the bespectacled director keeps throwing the term "climax" around.

If this footage featured a puppy and a Notebook-worthy Rachel McAdams makeout session, it would be sheer perfection. It doesn't—but Ryan alone comes pretty close.

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