Best TV You're Not Watching: Sherlock on BBC

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman star as the legendary Sherlock and Watson

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To make sure you're being your best couch-potato self and to expand your TV experience, we're highlighting the best shows on TV you're not currently watching.

It's not that we think people aren't watching this show (because clearly they are), it's that we want to do our part to ensure that every human being is watching this show. Sherlock on BBC stars Beneditch Cumberbatch (who is so hot right now) and Martin Freeman (also so hot right now), as the legendary duo of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

Clearly, these characters have been done countless times before, but the BBC version brings something special to the table. And since the third season recently started filming, we thought this was the perfect time to feature Sherlock so everyone (and we mean everyone) can get on board before the new episode roll out next year. No excuse, play like a champion and get Sherlock-ed!

The Gist:If you don't know the gist of Sherlock and Watson, then we feel bad for you. But for those 12 people out there who have never heard of Sherlock Holmes: He is a great detective who uses his incredibly gifted mind to solve cases that no one else can. His pal Dr. Watson is his right-hand man. The BBC version takes place in modern day London, and Sherlock is an eccentric freelance detective who meets Dr. John Watson and promptly asks him to be his new roommate. They strike up an unlikely but completely unique friendship and solve crimes together. 

Why We Love It: Cumberbatch and Freeman's friendship on the series is so entertaining, we could watch them take turns reading the phone book and would love every minute of it. Sherlock has been done over and over and over again, but it's a classic tale for a reason, because who doesn't love tagging along with a duo who solves murders for a living? Sherlock on BBC takes the original stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and new twists on every aspect of the tale. From how Sherlock views a crime scene to the characters involved with the case, you never know what's coming, even if you've already read all of Doyle's works.

The Stats: Sherlock has two seasons consisting six 90-minute episodes in the can already, with two more seasons on the way. Each episode is basically a feature film.

Eye Candy: If you're the kind of person who thinks Cumberbatch is attractive (a hotly debated topic), then this show will be like a wonderful explosion of Benedict-ness in your face. He's at his most sexy as Sherlock Holmes. Plus, Martin Freeman is adorably awkward, and the legendary Irene Adler (Lara Pulver) introduces herself to Sherlock in nothing but her birthday suit. Wowza.

Romance Factor: You might never ship anyone as hard as you ship Holmes and Watson. Trust.

Best Episode: "The Reichenbach Fall", season two, episode three. Sherlock spars with his great adversary James Moriarty, played brilliantly by Andrew Scott. Watch out, the ending is a doozy.

Best Season: Season one, because that is when we first meet Holmes and Watson and watch their friendship develop. Plus, its when we meet Moriarty for the first time in "The Great Game."

Repeat Watch Factor: 9 out of 10. Like we said, the episodes are basically full-length films, and who doesn't want to pop in a great movie to rewatch again? It doesn't matter if you know how the case ends; the journey to get their keeps you entertained every single time.

When You Can Watch: Huzzah! Every single episode is on Netflix Instant streaming. Season three and four will be coming to our small screens...not soon enough.

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