Bradley Cooper


Bradley Cooper looks delish in the latest ad for Häagen-Dazs featuring model Jana Perez.

Set in the "House of Häagen-Dazs," Cooper arrives at a glamorous dinner party (with a pint of ice cream in hand, obvs.) and catches the eye of the beautiful brunette.

Together, the two make their way to a private room to enjoy some alone time, but Cooper gets tricked!

Perez locks the one-time Sexiest Man Alive in the room only to grab his ice cream and enjoy it all to herself—clearly, this girl's got her priorities in order.

While we're not sure what sounds more enticing, the idea of locking eyes (and making moves) with a ready and able Cooper, or eating an entire tub of ice cream to ourselves.

Let's be honest, either one sounds like a win-win.

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