Ryan Lochte is training for love.

Appearing on last night's Chelsea Lately, the Olympic swimming champ opened up about how he's able to balance partying and his dedication to the pool, what his mom's "one-night stand" remarks were all about, and his desire to find The One.

When Chelsea Handler asked him how he manages to drink and still maintain his training regimen, Lochte said it's all about manning up.

"My philosophy is if you're a man at night you gotta be a man in the morning," he said. "So if I go out and beat my body up, go out drinking, dancing, staying up late, you know I still got a job to do and nothing's gonna get in that way."

Regarding those eyebrow-raising comments his mom made last July when she told Today that the gold medalist "goes out on one-night stands" and is "always on the go," Lochte explained that she has a slightly different definition of the term.

"My mom's old-fashioned. So back then when she said 'one-night stand,' that means going on a date. That's what she thought it was," he told the funnylady.

As for getting a girlfriend?

"You know, I've done the whole dating game...and I'm over it," the What Would Ryan Lochte Do star replied. "I mean, I'm at a point in my life where I do want to settle down and I want to find that one who I can spend the rest of my life with and give my heart to someone. I haven't found it yet."

"Well, it sounds like you're trying to get on The Bachelor," quipped Chelsea.

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