Miley Cyrus

Courtesy of Twiiter

Singer Miley Cyrus is proving to us that she was born to be a star!

In a Throwback Thursday picture posted on Twitter, the former Disney queen makes it clear that there were plenty of signs to predict she was going to have some memorable dance moves.  

Although the side-by-side photos may not feature the Queen of Twerk in a unicorn onesie, they do show a flexible girl who isn't afraid of the camera.

Another huge difference in the photos is Cyrus' signature locks. Compared to the 20-year-old's short cut today, Cyrus reminds us of her long locks that once flowed way past her shoulders.

Any chance we will see that hairstyle again? Don't count on it.

"You will never see me with long hair again," Cyrus recently told E! News. "My fiancé [Liam Hemsworth] loves it…It's so easy."

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