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Don't know if you've heard, but many of us in this section are bat-poop crazy over Showtime's Dexter. Always have been. Always will be.

And seeing as how the love is spreading with the show's network broadcast debut on CBS—plus the fact that the writers' room reopened on Tuesday for work on season three—it seems a good time to pounce on the Dexter powers that be and dig for scoop.

Click in for a spoiler-free look at Dexter on CBS from show runner Clyde Phillips, and then if you're into that kind of thing (and how can you not be?!), you can duck under the spoiler line for exclusive info and mild spoilers about the 12 episodes of season three, which are set to premiere in October!

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Many of you have written in asking if it's okay to watch Dexter on CBS (Sunday nights at 10), instead of holding out for the unexpurgated Showtime version. The whole enchilada is obviously the way to go if possible, but if your mom won't let you watch Showtime (but is somehow okay with sociopathic serial killers), the CBS cut of Dexter gets the official show runner seal of approval.

Butchered Beyond Recognition?  No! Clyde tells me, "[CBS's version of Dexter] is still absolutely our show. There's some things I would've done differently, small things, like some language things, but most of this was going on during strike and I couldn't do anything. But I think Bob Greenblatt and Gary Levine and Perlena Igbokwe over at Showtime have done truly a wonderful job. They care about the show as much as we do."

Cutting for Time:  According to Clyde, you're getting just about seven-eighths of the whole show when you watch it on CBS. He tells us, "CBS has generously given us up to 50 minutes out of the hour, whereas a normal show on the network is 42 or 43 minutes. So, we got to keep our main title. We're not going to subtract our main title that we worked really hard on. It actually won an Emmy."

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Slicing Away Filthy Language:  Maybe someone should tell CBS about frak, because that other F-word had to go. Says Clyde, "Obviously, some things we had to change, especially looking at [the characters] Doakes and Deb, with all those motherf--kers coming out of each of them."

Chopping Out Violence:  Says Clyde of his series about a man who systematically stalks and kills murderers and other villains: "The show is not really that violent. We're not that bloody—there's worse stuff on CSI and other shows. Occasionally we do something that's startling, but I always liken it to...You know the movie Reservoir Dogs? Well, the one image everybody has from that movie is the ear getting cut off, but you know what, you never see it. Everything is implied."

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The best part of this whole interview? This comedic interlude, in which Watch with Kristin reporter Jennifer Godwin geeks out and possibly changes Dexter vernacular as we know it...

Dexter's so dreamy. I mean, I know it's messed up, but we always have to remember not to go too squee over Dexter...
What's the word? Squee?

Tell me what it means, because I love it.

It's a sound fangirls make when they're really excited by something.
So, you often use that as a word? 

Oh, that's great. I love it. You are going to see that in a script somewhere.


Dexter Season Three
Which character should be the one to squee?


And now for the dirty sexy dish from Clyde Phillips about season three. We talked to him before the writers' room even opened for the new season, so everything is subject to change, but here's what Dex's boss is thinking about for the series' next installment.

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross

Who's Your Daddy?  Clyde says that in season three, Dexter gets personal and, uh, professional traction in a way we've not yet seen: "Basically, what's happened with Dexter is that the first year was his childhood, and the second year was his adolescence, and the third year is going to be his adulthood. He will become more of his own man. He will still live by what we call the Code of Harry, if you know what that is, although his relationship with his father was already to some extent deconstructed in the second year." Ah, he's metaphorically killed the father..."But then, once you kill the father, then you learn to appreciate him." If this involves more James Remar (Harry Morgan) and MCH in a silly wig, whatever this means it's A-okay by me.

Clean Slate:  Clyde says they're still noodling around with the exact arc of season three: "The first year we had the books, and the second year we knew that the bodies were going to turn up and that the FBI was going to come and that Doakes was going to be suspicious. The third year we're starting tabula rasa." This, in case you couldn't guess from the show in question being Dexter, means anything is possible...



Darkly Dreaming Dexter:  Dexter Morgan continues to embrace the Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne side of his life in season three. In particular, one of TV's best good and evil entanglements, Dexter and Rita, will be going strong. Clyde tells me, "The relationship will be there...One of the things that keeps him grounded is his burgeoning affection for Rita and his outright affection for her children. If Dexter didn't have Rita, if he didn't have the Code, if he didn't have his sister, there's a very good chance he'd go off the rails. He does have them all, and that's what levels him, that's what keeps him grounded."

Darling Deadly Doakes:  Now that Sgt. James Doakes (played by Erik King) has been, well, dispatched from the series, is that the end of his presence in Miami? Clyde says, "First of all, it was a very difficult decision personally to do what we did to Doakes, because we love the guy—we love Erik King. Nobody could have handled it more professionally than he did. He was splendid when we had to break the news to him. It's what you do on a show...We're all professional, and he understood. Basically, next season, Doakes' end resonates emotionally with Laguerta (Lauren Vélez), although I don't know where that goes yet." May I propose an appearance by Ghost Doakes?

Be sure to check back Monday for more Dexter goodness in my Watch with Kristin Show.

Until then, what do you think should go down in season three? A new direction for Deb's (Jennifer Carpenter) love life? A better babe for David Zayas' Bautista? More shirtless Michael C. Hall? All of the above?

Your thoughts are welcome in Comments!

—Reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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