Chris Kelly, Jermaine Dupri

Prince Williams/Getty Images, Courtesy: Arnold Turner/Invision for BMI/AP Images

The passing of Chris Kelly has saddened many, including, not surprisingly, Jermaine Dupri.

After all, the music producer did discover Kris Kross in their native Atlanta.

"To the world Chris was MacDaddy but to me, he was a son I never had," Dupri wrote in a letter to fans. "As much as you may think I taught him, he taught me, God has blessed me to be in the presence of so many naturally talented people and Chris was one. His understanding of what we set out to do, from day one was always on point. His passion for music, his love for doing shows, his want to better than everyone else was always turnt up. When I think about it I spent more time with Chris and Chris [Smith] than damn near anybody in my whole life, so you can imagine how bad this hurts. I will always love you Chris, and I will never let the world forget you, may God bless you."

Meanwhile, during an appearance on Wednesday's Watch What Happens Live, Lil Jon shared his thoughts when the subject of the rapper's death came up.

"We actually all performed on the same stage about a month or two ago," he recalled. "Jermaine Dupri had his 20th anniversary for So So Def and they opened up the show. It was good to see Kris Kross together doing their thing after so long. It's a shock that this happened today."

Of course, Dupri and Lil Jon aren't the only remembering Kelly, with other celebs taking to Twitter to express their condolences.

Nicki Minaj: "So sorry to hear that. Sending love to his family. RIP Chris."

Ludacris: "One of motivations as a kid to even get into the rap game. You will be missed. R.I.P Chris Kelly"

LL Cool J: "R.I.P. Chris Kelly. This song ["Jump"] is now officially dedicated to you. May GOD embrace your soul & lift up your family."

Monica: "RIP Chris Kelly...May the peace of God comfort your family & all of those who love u"

Big Boi: "R.I.P. Chris Kelly."

Da Brat: "THEY R WHY I'M ME Kris Kross RIP Chris"

Keri Hilson: "Rest in Peace, Chris Kelly. Kris Kross lives forever. Thank you for the memories."

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