Hannibal Boss Talks Casting Lee Pace and Kristin Chenoweth—and a Pushing Daisies Kickstarter Campaign!

Exclusive! Fans of the short-lived ABC series might finally get a chance at a movie

By Kristin Dos Santos May 02, 2013 2:00 PMTags
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You know what goes best with a dinner of liver, fava beans a nice Chianti? A dreamy piemaker, of course!

Hannibal and Pushing Daisies boss Bryan Fuller just told E! News exclusively that he's planning to cast Daisies star Lee Pace—as well as (fingers crossed) Kristin Chenoweth and maybe even Anna Friel—in the second season of his insanely riveting new horror drama on NBC. And, even better, and you Daisies fans better sit down for this: Fuller is also considering launching a kickstarter campaign for a Pushing Daisies movie.

Universe. Make. It. So.

"From the moment the show was canceled [on ABC], I've been trying to do a Pushing Daisies movie and started writing a script for it," Fuller told me over the phone from London. "The best chance for it to happen, perhaps the only chance for it to happen, would be through something like Kickstarter. I haven't even been back in Los Angeles for more than five days since wrapping Hannibal, so one of the first orders of business is to find out more from [Veronica Mars creator] Rob Thomas to find out how he did it. And to call Warner Brothers to see if it's something that they would allow...But I would, Oh my God, I would love to get those actors together again. I have what I think is a very cool story; it's just a matter of finding out if it's possible. I think it would be such an interesting sentimental return."

In the meantime, he's setting his sights on some Daisies alums for his gritty new Hannibal Lector drama, airing Thursday nights. (The next new episode airs tonight.)

"I talked to Lee Pace about doing a role on [Hannibal] this season," Fuller reveals. "But he was doing a stage play and so we're planning to work that out with season two. He's definitely interested in doing the show and I would love to work with him again. I also very much wan to work with Anna Friel again, and Kristin Chenoweth clearly has to play someone in the Boston arts scene. Perhaps an opera singer. So we are hoping to make that all happen."

Veronica Mars Movie Is a Go!

Of course the bigger question is whether Hannibal will indeed score a second season. Airing up against ABC's ever-growing Scandal (a social-media beast) and CBS' solid Elementary, Hannibal has fought tooth and nail (and so many other gory body parts) to hold its own in an extremely challenging timeslot. Fuller says he hasn't been told anything yet regarding the show's fate (NBC's full fall slate will be decided by May 12) but adds, "I know that we are a cost-efficient show so we're not hard to pick up. That's a nice way of saying we're a bargain show! (laughs) Hannibal was really well-produced, we have a fantastic team and our crew in Toronto was just knocking it out of the park."

We can't imagine NBC not keeping this kind of feature-film-quality series around. (And by the way, all the awards for Hugh Dancy. And upcoming guest star Gillian Anderson.) But if the show does get cancelled? Prepare for complete and utter devastation, Hannibal fans. "It ends on such a huge cliffhanger," Fuller admits. "It's a big ending where you're like, 'Oh my God, what is going to happen next?!' So our viewers will be screwed if we don't have a second season."

So spread the word: Hannibal, Thursdays nights after Parks and Recreation on NBC. Uncork some Chianti and be there!

Stand by for more scoop from Fuller on what crazy (bananas!) twists are coming up on Hannibal...and we'll of course be stalking him, and not-so-patiently waiting, for word of a Pushing Daisies movie campaign.

Anyone else excited by this prospect? Nahhh...didn't think so. (Holler if you need the piemaker to resuscitate you.)

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